Meet The King

Meet The King of the Kitchen

Meet the King of the Kitchen Bobby Brown

For many years, Bobby has been known as “The King of the Stage.” Only his friends and family knew that he was also “The King of the Kitchen.” Growing up in Boston, Bobby spent plenty of time with his mom in the kitchen learning her recipes, cooking styles, and family stories.

As an adult Bobby has always been the cook in the house, creating dishes all his friends LOVE, like “Shrimp a la Bobby” and his famous Bobby Q, his flavorful crispy fried chicken and fish. Bobby and his wife Alicia, also focus on creating healthy dishes for their family. With a focus on reducing sugar, sodium, and preservatives from their diet, healthy cooking has become a staple in the house. All of our products use real, all natural ingredients. Familiar ingredients like tomatoes, herbs, peppers, and some secret blends are what make our sauces, marinades and seasonings delicious and good for you and your family.

We invite you to try some of the same flavor packed sauces and seasonings that Bobby creates in his home.

Cooking with Bobby Brown