Peaberry Coffee - Dark\Espresso Roast


Soluble Dietary Fibre and Heart Disease: Atherosclerosis, is the loading of our arteries with deposits of cholesterols, (ie. low density lipoproteins or LDLs). Of primeimportance are our coronary arteries and the dangers of a heart attack. Coffee pectins also boost the levels of the high density HDLs, which are the really beneficial ones. Pectins are well known for locking up bile acids, (where those cholesterols come from), and taking them on through the small intestine to the colon or large intestine, where some of them become food for bacteria which in turn protect against colon cancer.

Cation exchange properties: Pectins, in the form of galacturonic oligosaccharides, are a bit like ion exchange resins. They are able to form complexes with free calcium, iron and other divalent metal ions in the diet and carry them out of the body, seriously reducing the levels of these important nutritional constituents.

Antioxidants: Coffee mucilage, but more particularly the pulp, is not all pectins or protopectins. It also contains a number of linked sugars and polyphenolic chemicals, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins, and cyanidins, bioflavonoids and tannins, not to mention caffeine and chlorogenic acids. It should of course be pointed out that most of these benefits are also conferred by eating lots of fresh fruit. “An apple a day…”, particularly ones with red skins, will supply many of these chemicals.

Even Caffeine is losing its bad image: Caffeine and more particularly those chlorogenic acids are particularly good antioxidants. A news clip, ‘a cup of coffee is equal to three oranges.’

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