Bobby’s Essential Trial Pack


Get a taste of Bobby’s new seasonings with our trial pack offering essential flavors for every kitchen- Lemon Pepper, Garlic Powder and Smoked Paprika.


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Lemon Pepper: Salt. Spices. Citric Acid. Onion. Sugar. Corn Starch. Garlic. Silicon Dioxide (Anti-caking agent). Natural Lemon Flavor and FD&C Yellow #5.

Smoked Paprika: Paprika. Silicon Dioxide (Anti-caking agent). Ethoxyquin and Natural Flavor.

Garlic Powder: Dehydrated Garlic.

  • (1) Bobby’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning  6.5 oz.
  • (1) Bobby’s Smoked Paprika Seasoning  4 oz.
  • (1) Bobby’s Garlic Powder Seasoning  5.25 oz.
  • Made in USA

Lemon Pepper
Bobby's NEW Lemon Pepper Seasoning Nutrition Facts

Smoked Paprika 

Bobby's NEW Smoked Paprika Seasoning Nutrition Facts

Garlic Powder

Bobby's NEW Garlic Powder Seasoning Nutrition Facts