Red, green, yellow and orange peppers
2 sticks (non salted) butter
White cooking wine
(1) white onion chopped
2 pounds of large butterflied/cleaned shrimp
Chopped garlic
Olive oil
Bobby's everyday and Boston blend seasonings.
Fresh lemon
1. Take (2) sticks of butter and melt them in a large pan or pot.
2. Add chopped onions and green, yellow, and orange peppers and season with Bobby’s Boston Blend.
3. Then add (2) cups of white wine and the chopped garlic, and let simmer.
4. Add (1) tablespoon of olive oil.
5. Season your cleaned shrimp with Bobby’s Everyday and Boston Blend seasonings.
6. Add the shrimp to the pan and cover. Cook for (10) minutes or until the shrimp are plump and completely cooked through.
7. Once done, squeeze lemon over everything, to your liking and serve.