Bobby's BBQ Salmon

- (1) Sockeye Salmon (serves 2-3)
- (1) Pinch of Bobby’s Everyday Blend Seasoning
- (1) Tsp of Bobby’s Boston Blend Seasoning
- Some of Bobby’s Original BBQ
- (1) Red, yellow, and orange pepper
- (1) White Onion
- (1) medium sized lemon
- (3) Garlic cloves
- (1) Tbsp. of low sodium butter (I can’t believe it’s not butter)
- (1) Tbsp. of virgin olive oil

1. Start with Sockeye Salmon (Rinse with cold water and pat dry)
2. Put olive oil in grilling pan and on top of fish
3. Add a pinch of Bobby’s Everyday Blend Seasoning
4. Add a teaspoon of Bobby’s Boston Blend Seasoning
5. Brush with Bobby’s Original BBQ Sauce
6. Squeeze half a lemon on fish
7. Put salmon in grilling pan and top with (2) lemon slices
8. Add 3 minced / chopped garlic cloves and (1) tablespoon of butter to top it off
9. Cut up 1⁄2 of a red pepper, 1⁄2 of a yellow pepper, 1⁄2 of an orange pepper, and 1/4 of a white onion and place all in a separate pan with butter / olive oil
10. Cook the salmon and sauté the vegetables to your liking.
11. Cook your quick brown rice in a pot.
12. Place salmon and vegetables on a bed of brown rice and serve!